Two calls from beyond the grave came recently from companies defunct… or very nearly so.

First, Worldgate turned the Ojo video phone service back on. I haven’t set mine up again yet and can’t say for sure it works, but since the problem was not a technical one, I assume I’ll be back up and running with my Ojo shortly.

Second, a company you’ve likely never heard of, Mirror Worlds, has risen again to pursue a lawsuit. Against Apple. I worked with Mirror Worlds once upon a time, and the Scopeware Vision product was impressive in concept. It was Desktop Search before Google had Desktop Search. The “Cover Flow” view before Apple had Cover Flow. Or at least that’s what the lawyers are claiming. I’ll be curious to see if David Gelernter talks publicly about the lawsuit, as he was the co-creator of the technology owned by Mirror Worlds and is most decidedly not shy about his opinions.

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