More March Madness Video

If you’re away from the TV (say, at work) and still jonesing for a little March Madness, you can get highlights from the tournament teams over at Sports Illustrated’s FilmRoom (Duke, above). Once again the app is powered by Gotuit, and it offers a convenient interface for selecting just the teams you want to see – by team name, seeding, conference, or status in the tournament (to be updated throughout the games). You can also embed clips in your own site.

Unfortunately the March Madness version of FilmRoom doesn’t show off some of Gotuit’s best functionality… Last year’s NFL Draft version of FilmRoom, for example, let users access individual player highlight reels and search within videos for specific plays. I’d like to be able to find blocks, dunks, steals and game-winning shots. Also, at least for now, there isn’t video on every March Madness team. American tops the team list alphabetically, but there’s no video available yet. My brother stormed the court at AU’s Patriot Conference tournament win. Where’s SI’s AU love? Hopefully there will be video up soon.

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