Still Need A Hulu Invite?


Demand for Hulu access was pretty high on my last post – and we managed to serve well over 50 beta invites. While I appreciate folks chipping in to help out fellow readers by giving away some of their invites, I figured it’d be more efficient to reach out directly to the Hulu team for support – and they’ve provided 100 200 accounts to distribute. So if you’re still in need of an account, leave a comment and I’ll start filling orders tomorrow. First come, first served.

245 thoughts on “Still Need A Hulu Invite?”

  1. I only knew anything about this–and that wasn’t much–because of you. It looks very interesting and i’d love to learn more first hand. Thanx, and thanx for what you do.

  2. Thanks for the offer. I’d really appreciate it.

    PS I’m not much of a commentor, but you’ve been in my RSS feed for almost a year now and I’ve read every post. Great site!

  3. Nearly everyone should be taken care of at this point and we still have about 40 invites left. Bruce – your email bounced. I’m going to look for another address in the comments, but if you see this note give me something usable.

  4. Hello,

    Yes, I would like to receive a Hulu invite

    I have been to their web site and it looks interesting.

    Thanks Pat

  5. There are some shows I’d love to catch up on. If an invite is still available, I’d love one. Thanks for posting.

  6. Is it too late for me to ask? I’ll throw out my request anyway. I would really appreciate it if you could invite me as well. Thanks! :)

  7. Hi Dave,
    If you still have Hulu invitations on offer, I’d appreciate if you would send one to me.

    Better late (asking) than never.


  8. hi dave, i was wanting a hulu invite for quite some time and i hope that its not to late to get one here. but if you cant thanks for the opportunity.=]

  9. Hey Dave, I would love a Hulu invite. Thanks in advance if you have any left. I could sure put it to good use.


  10. Gosh, I know I’m late, but I’d love an invite if any are still available — if not, thanks so much just for offering!

  11. I’m not going to fill the last couple requests at this time… rumor has it Hulu will be released out of beta tomorrow and my fingers are tired of all this cut & paste. If the launch is delayed, I’ll take care of you guys.

  12. If you can force your fingers to do one more cut and paste, there’s a Mai Tai waiting for you in Maui. Thanks!

    Bob in Kihei

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  14. I would love to have one….I’ve been trying to watch for a long time…but to no avail.

    Thanks in Advance!

  15. I’d Love one too! So excited for this! Already got the app installed on my phone and ipad! I’m so ready!!! Thanks!

  16. If there’s still an invite available, I’d love it! Since some of your posts have taken up a number or two, maybe I can ‘squeak by’ under the wire? Please?

  17. Hi,
    I’m pretty late the game, so no worries if you’re all out, but if any to spare, I would like to try please!


  18. Sure they are long gone, gotta try! ;) Would *luv* a hulu plus invite for my ipad..thanks!

  19. I would love an invite! Thank you i be wating for long time for one ,. make my dream come true please

  20. Do you still have any left, i love to try this out before deciding whether i should subscribe to their service or not.

  21. You r-tards, this was for Hulu invites, or in other words when Hulu regular was still in beta. Read the article, and the other comments! Hulu plus wasn’t announced 29 months ago!

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