Need a Hulu Invite?

I just read over on TV Squad that Hulu beta users have ten invites to give out. Sure enough, when I logged in, there they were. So, I’ll donate half of mine to ZNF readers. Leave a comment if you want in and I’ll randomly pick the winners tomorrow. For those who already have Hulu beta accounts and want to help share the love, let me know and we’ll hook up as many folks as we can.

Update: We’ve given out over 45 invites, and I hope to distribute even more. So keep the account requests and offers to share coming…

116 thoughts on “Need a Hulu Invite?”

  1. I’d really like to take a look…. I only have internet and an antenna… very limited choice for TV entertainment here.

  2. As of right now, everyone on this list should have received or will receive a Hulu invite (other than the few folks I contacted directly to sort it out) thanks to Vince, Travis, Big John, and myself. I’m trying to get my hands on a few more invites, so keep the requests coming and we’ll see how generous people are feeling. :)

  3. Dave. Thanks for hooking me up. I now have 10 of my own. Used 3, have 7 left if you need more to give out.

    Let me know, happy to pass it on.


  4. I’d appreciate an invite :) Since strike may be over soon, Hulu may become even more attractive as, hopefully, more content will make its way on the site due to finalized agreement.

  5. I agree the ebay comment was pretty weak, considering we’ve got plenty to give out. It’s been tagged as spam. FYI chris and Bonnie should be good to go now, too.

  6. I was wondering if anyone got their invitation today? I see that Dave posted that it was done, but I never got one. Anyone else? BTW, thank you, Dave!

  7. I still haven’t gotten the email. I checked my spam folder but I didn’t get it. I was wondering if it could be resent to my other email address, rather than yahoo.

  8. Dave, I also did not get an e-mail from you (I checked my spam folder). Sorry to bug you. I appreciate you doing this for us.

  9. Got my invite. Apparrently Hotmail does not think much of Hulu as the invite was in the junk folder. Thanks Dave. Immediately 10 invites available to me. I would like to save a few for friends/family but please let me know if you run out of invites, I’ll be more than happy to share at least 5 of mine.

  10. Dave, you mentioned wanting to know how it looks on your Wii. I tried that a month ago, but it doesn’t work. Wii uses Opera, and doesn’t allow plugins. When your try to run a Hulu video, nothing happens.

    Now XBOX 360 user could do it, since it can act as a Windows Vista media extender.

  11. I tested it on the Wii a few months ago as well. No dice. I thought it is a memory issue. I can’t figure out why youtube works on the Wii but Hulu, Pandora, Slacker, etc.. do not.

  12. Moman, I believe it’s because Hulu requires a plugin, but Youtube doesn’t. Wii doesn’t allow you to download plugins.

  13. Hello, I would really love an invite. I only need the one as I am the only tech savvy person in my group of family and friends. To keep it going I would be willing to donate any invites I get to the cause..

  14. I’d love an invite if there any left out there. Thanks!!
    ridley “dot” gunderson “at” gmail “dot” com

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