MC Square Brings Brain Booster to US

Mari Silbey —  November 14, 2007


Friends of mine worked an event today in New York with a company called MC Square. MC Square made the gadget blogs a couple of years ago with its brain booster device, but back then the product was only available in Asia. Today the company opened up availability in the US.

How does the gizmo work? It uses rhythmic light and sound (via goggles and earphones) to “improve concentration and memory, increase relaxation and improve sleep.” Most impressively, the device has US studies to back up its claims. According to researchers from Thomas Jefferson University, use of the device correlates with statistically reliable improvement in verbal memory, associative learning, working memory and measure of attention/concentration. Also, the company’s already sold 1.2 million units in Asia, so they’ve gotta be doing something right.

The $399 price tag makes the MC Square gadget a bit pricey for the holiday shopping list, but if you know someone prepping for the SATs (or the LSATs or the MCATs…), this could be the perfect gift. Just make sure you don’t send the wrong message to a loved one. “No, honey, I do think you’re smart… honest!”

One response to MC Square Brings Brain Booster to US

  1. These things have been around for years. I’ve got one that’s about 8 years old, that takes a CD player or MP3 player as input, or generates its own tones. I’ll trade it for a Slingbox if you want to try it out. :-)