Picture of the Day: The FCC Non-Webcast

Mari Silbey —  September 11, 2007


Seriously, if you’re going to offer an “audio/video broadcast” of an event, I expect a little more than muzak and images of businessmen casually conversing. That’s what I got for more than 4 hours when I activated the FCC’s AV link that was supposed to show me coverage of today’s open commission meeting. Guess I’ll be waiting for updated info on a-la-carte programming and digital must-carry rules from someone who made it there in person.

UPDATE: Multichannel News reports that the public meeting never happened because FCC leaders were “stuck in negotiations all day Tuesday.”  The hold-up is primarily debate over the digital must-carry rules.

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3 responses to Picture of the Day: The FCC Non-Webcast

  1. Our hopelessly corrupt bureaucracy in action!

  2. crisis averted, no money spent, no new laws abridging what we can say or do on television. victory!

  3. You know they are talking about viagra.