New TiVo HD Hits Retail

If you’ve been waiting to buy the new TiVo “lite”, now’s your chance. Purportedly, TiVo’s retail partners are fully stocked – including Best Buy, Circuit City and (as seen below) online at Amazon. We’ll have to wait and see if sales of this lower cost HD DVR have any impact on TiVo’s profit outlook.


5 thoughts on “New TiVo HD Hits Retail”

  1. Pfft… TiVo will be soon blown out of the water by the people at Sony w/ their new HD tuner/HD DVR add-on to their PlayStation 3. It’s called, PlayTV. This should cripple TiVo, which has done nothing but scrap it’s head above water, despite superior DVR technology. I guess one must ask: “Why?”

  2. The product that Sony announced will not work in the US (DVB-T). That’s not to say they won’t create something for this market… However, without CableCARD support they won’t compete directly with cable companies or even TiVo. Not to mention Sony isn’t providing guide data, they’re grabbing the free stuff over the air. Not sure about Europe, but in the US that info is incomplete and not dependable for automatic DVR scheduling. Oh yeah, you’re not going to record a whole lot of HD on 20-60GB of storage.

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