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dogs-bkfst2.jpgLast100 spotted this Hollywood Reporter story over the holiday detailing MGM’s venture into straight-to-download movies. On Tuesday, MGM debuted “A Dog’s Breakfast” on iTunes and Amazon Unbox. The flick is directed by and stars “Stargate Atlantis” actors and is being hyped on YouTube.

The key here is that the movie has a built-in audience of “Stargate Atlantis” watchers. If anything is going to kickstart the straight-to-download distribution model, it’s movies that build off of an existing fan base. I hope we get a lot more of these ventures in the near future. (Joss Whedon hear my prayer…)

4 thoughts on “Straight to Download”

  1. I would be more than willing to pay a few bucks per episode to watch more ‘Firefly’ material.

  2. Sadly it wasn’t until I became older (30) that I understood the correlation between buying the product and the artist producing more of the it. Let’s just say that ‘a friend’ downloaded Transformers this week, watched it and went to the local cinema to buy a matinee ticket without going in (it wasn’t that good).

    I for one would happily buy from artists I enjoy to encourage them to produce more original work. Just once I’d like to see whomever is most bootlegged declare that they’re retiring until the bootlegging decreases. Imagine U2 breaking up because they were over-pirated, mass hysteria would ensue (sales would skyrocket).

  3. Personally, can’t wait to get this film. Friends have seen it (during some theatrical screenings) and thought it was a hoot.

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