TV Networks Going Down the “Series of Tubes”?


I heard some interesting news on a call today. Apparently this past weekend may have been the worst ever for the big three TV networks. On Saturday night CBS, ABC and NBC got a total audience share of 14. Eek!

I was just remarking yesterday that there seem to be fewer shows on network TV that I want to watch (both Studio 60 and Veronica Mars were canceled). Not that I’m spending much time watching online video today, but no doubt that will change over the next few years.

In the meantime, basic cable seems to be stepping up to the plate. USA Network’s Starter Wife had a good first week, and my favorite new show (which thankfully got renewed for the fall) is The Riches. (Don’t tell me about the season finale because I haven’t watched it yet!) It used to be you could get good shows on premium cable channels, but not so much on the basic tier.

Is cable finally starting to live up to its promise now that Internet TV is looming? And how are the broadcast networks going to survive?

5 thoughts on “TV Networks Going Down the “Series of Tubes”?”

  1. CBS killed Jericho! Fortunately lots of people making noise online – perhaps another network will pick it up. Your (I’m done with it) Battlestar Galactica has decided next season will be the last, so only 22 more episodes.

    We’re Netflixing a ton of shows now that the “season” has ended. Interestingly, several are from HBO and Showtime.

  2. “…how are the broadcast networks going to survive?”

    They’re not going to.

    I was wondering, what happens to the Nelson method of measuring what people watch in the era of TiVo and Sling? Don’t those device mess up the old fashion notion of me sitting down, at my HOME, and watching a program at time of the NETWORK’s choosing.

    If I sling the Simpsons to my phone and watch it in small chunks, will that even register as a “view”?

  3. It’s only “the poor” who actually watch network TV in real time… and the ratings folks could care less about them!

    Sorry… but it’s true.

  4. “It’s only “the poor??? who actually watch network TV in real time”

    Sir, will all due respect, I’d like that generalization stricken from the record – I am poor, but do not watch network in real time.

    In fact, if Sling would hurry up and release a J2ME client ( cough….cough…hint ) I’d put up a YouTube video of me slinging the Simpons to my phone that has a ghetto GoPhone SIM :)

  5. Regarding “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” … it is back on … at least to run out the previously filmed episodes.

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