Cablevision’s Network DVR Backed By CEA, AT&T, Verizon

It’s good to have friends, and Cablevision appears to have earned a few in their ongoing network DVR legal battle. Several trade and lobbying groups, representing companies such as the Consumer Electronics Association, AT&T, and Verizon have chimed in… Last week’s joint Amicus brief reads:

Network-based services may prove to be both cheaper and technologically superior, providing better service at reduced costs to consumers. But these benefits that many consumers now take for granted could disappear if this District Court decision is not overturned or significantly revised….The District Court’s decision could chill technological progress aimed at providing consumers the best and most flexible solutions for delivering the video content they want.

Of course, there’s still no telling how this will (continue to) play out in court and Cablevision is the one who stands to lose big bucks in a protracted legal battle. As I’ve said before, the network DVR is a sensible idea but Cablevision’s got some powerful, deep-pocketed foes from the broadcast and content industries.