Slingin’ Apple TV

I’ve gotten a lot of questions on how the Slingbox compliments Apple TV. Being a Sling Media employee, I helped put together a short video from one of our labs. We demonstrate using a Slingbox PRO and HD Connect to placeshift Apple TV iTunes content to a Sprint Motorola Q and Windows laptop. Our new SlingPlayer for Mac v1.0 embeds the necessary IR codes to allow this remote control.

No, that isn’t me narrating. Though you will see my hand in the video and my first stab at an iMovie project. I promise to get better… and use a tripod. :)

In other Sling news, I’ve noticed an interesting trend… It seems like folks in the broadcast industry are beginning to use Slingboxes in lieu of costly hardware and satellite uplinks to ship video around. For example, at CTIA, I heard from one network that successfully sent feeds from the World Cup in Germany to their studios in NYC. Along those lines, CNET interviewed the Bay Area CBS affiliate who use more than 20 Slingboxes to broadcast their traffic and weather cameras.