iTunes Movie Rentals and Music Subscriptions?


Let me tell you what I won’t do. I will not purchase a digital movie, whether via Xbox 360, Amazon Unbox on TiVo, iTunes, or anything else. I’m hooked on the Netflix paradigm of unlimited rentals not to mention I have no guarantees that the movie I purchase today will work on the device I purchase tomorrow. So If I can’t have unlimited rentals, I will stoop to individual rentals. Heck, I’ll even overpay as I’ve proven with those $6 HD flicks on Moviebeam and Xbox. From where I’m sitting, Apple is leaving money on the table by not renting films and not offering a music subscription service. However… Based on some recent rumblings, including analysis of Thursday’s shareholder meeting, it looks like both still exist as possibilities.

In other Apple news, one teenage researcher believes iPods can interfere with pacemakers. Yowza! Though CrunchGear possibly puts it into perspective:

So what have we learned? It’s not that electronics produce electromagnetic frequencies capable of killing grandpa. No, the moral of the story remains the same as always: Don’t strap electronics to the chests of people with pacemakers. These are things that patients in this situation know.