CBS Acquires

lastfm_red_logo.jpgIf you scroll down TechMeme today past all the news about Microsoft’s surface computing concept (way cool), you’ll land on several articles about CBS’s acquisition of I have a very selfish reason for finding this interesting. If warrants a buy-out by CBS (to to the tune of $280M), maybe that means Pandora will survive. The way I figure it, either someone with a large bankroll picks it up to compete with CBS, or, preferably, legislators finally recognize just how valuable Pandora-like services are and shut down the CRB’s plans to impose unworkable royalty fees.

Okay, probably just wishful thinking. Please don’t take away my Pandora.

1 thought on “CBS Acquires”

  1. Makes me wonder what a webapp like Digg is really worth though. It’d be nice to see Pandora survive, I enjoy that very much.

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