Perceptive Pixel

Remember in Minority Report when Tom Cruise and friends stood in front of screens and their mere hand motions summoned up data, zoomed in on photos and generally brought the universe to their fingertips? Well that’s what this video demo from Perceptive Pixel reminds me of. I saw it over on NewTeeVee, and it’s sheer luck that I actually clicked on the video player (I’m usually too lazy) and watched the thing. I’m glad I did. Way cool.

3 thoughts on “Perceptive Pixel”

  1. Nice! Makes more sense with two hands rather than two fingers.

    And it’s all powered by Linux. (Notice when the guy is editing the image of the head you can clearly see the GNOME panels.)

  2. i just love him.his movie vanilla sky is the best like brother had a lust live with him.and we r pakistani .tom you are a million billion trillion times better than shahrukh khan because he copies are just amazing like no one in universe.

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