March Madness On-Demand?


Well, sort of. The NCAA and CBS SportsLine announced back in February that they’d be offering all NCAA tournament games online again this year for free. (Woohoo!) As a pre-registered, VIP member, I got into the streaming application pretty quickly, though I did get a few error episodes along the way. Unfortunately, the video seems to cut out pretty frequently. Since they’re showing the game I want on TV at the moment, and for the first time ever I’m home during the tournament, I think I’ll be watching the big screen.

By the way, NewTeeVee predicted this “perfect bandwidth storm”. How true. How true.

And, wondering what the “Boss” button brings up? Here you go. Slightly undermined by the title bar at the top…


4 thoughts on “March Madness On-Demand?”

  1. I’m watching Oral ROberts vs. Wash St right now (from work), and it’s working quite well. No complaints!

  2. I have been #57,000 in line for the last two hours, and yes I did sign up early for the ‘VIP’. I have to wonder if anyone in California is getting to enjoy this.

  3. I’ve been watching from England and having few problems. It’s been great! A nice cure for homesickness. I’ve been amazed at the quality and ease of access. (late nights, however)

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