Digital Photo Frame Sales Explode


You heard it here first. Last November ZNF predicted, “Digital photo frames will probably hit their stride in the 2006 holiday season.”

Now, Parks Associates has confirmed it: “approximately 1.7 million digital photo frames were sold in the US in 2006.” That’s a 400% growth rate over sales in 2005. Parks had originally predicted growth of only 42%. Good thing ZNF’s instincts were right. ;)

3 thoughts on “Digital Photo Frame Sales Explode”

  1. That’s all you, Mari… I wouldn’t have predicted it! In fact (other than you) I don’t know anyone with a digital picture frame. I did buy my mom a Ceiva several years ago, but that thing is long gone.

  2. My partner and I bought four of them for our family members last year. We preloaded them with family pictures for our parents and they were a big hit.

  3. The prices are tumbling making these this year’s must have Xmas gift I think. Just got one for my mother-in-law, will load it up with pictures of the kids prior to Xmas. Sure she’ll like it.

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