BrightCove Adds Editing Features

David Berlind reported last week on BrightCove‘s new, not-yet-released AfterMix application, but I haven’t seen much else in the way of coverage. According to Berlind, Aftermix has two important new features: it lets consumers “record video directly to the Web” and, like Jumpcut, it adds video editing capabilities. (Photo below is also from Berlind’s blog)


The direct-recording feature isn’t of much interest to me, but the video editing tools are. I was lucky enough to go to schools early in life that had good communications programs and on-site TV studios complete with post-production editing equipment. The editing equipment of the time entailed two VCRs side by side with an analog editor between them. Major pain in the ass to work with, but nonetheless very cool. (You should see the eighth grade video montage I did on the making of Cabaret.)

Anyway, video editing has obviously come a long way since the late 1980s, and online Flash editing is clearly the next evolutionary step. Will BrightCove’s tools be as comprehensive as Final Cut Pro’s or Premiere’s? Probably not. But most people don’t need that.

BrightCove seems to be covering all the right bases.

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