One Feature to Rule Them All

The Uverse users site is running a poll to see what feature people most want added to the service (AT&T’s IPTV offering). With a whopping 109 votes in (okay, that’s probably a decent percentage of Uverse users…), the winner is whole-home DVR.


What feature would you vote for?

6 thoughts on “One Feature to Rule Them All”

  1. The absence of the equivalent feature, i.e. multiroom viewing, on the Tivo Series 3 continues to chafe a lot of us who would otherwise buy one…

    Course Whole Home DVR means only one extra $5/month rental (presumably) and being able to watch it anywhere, on a regular STB. Don’t know if the phrase “Whole Home DVR” means transcode from HD to SD though. For Tivo users, assuming they ever enable this, its the purchase of a second Tivo unit and at least $6.95/mo if you commit to 3 years?

  2. How about licensing the TiVo OCAP software? ;-)

    Of those choices – whole-home DVR is the only one that seems worthwhile to me. Maybe multiple HD streams – if I weren’t single and living alone. (Not worth it to me.)

  3. I’d take the built-in placeshifting first — It’s sort of a whole home (and way beyond) DVR.

    If they had listed it… I’d take the Xbox 360 as IPTV set-top box and DVR first. ;)

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