Media Extender Day, Part 1: Apple TV

apple-tv.jpgPerhaps you heard: Apple TV has been delayed until at least mid-March. Frankly, I don’t find this very newsworthy… So why bother posting? Because CNN, USA Today, and other mainstream news outlets disagree. In my industry (I love that I can say that now) these sort of setbacks are routine. However, Apple preannouncing products and launch dates is not routine. I believe Apple TV (formerly iTV) was made public last September, not to excite consumers but rather to excite content providers — allowing enough time to broker additional video rental/purchase partnerships prior to launch. Other than the stock market implosion yesterday (who knew Apple carried such weight), there won’t be much fallout from this delay, even if it’s not the last. Though I’ve got to say I’m still not very excited by the product… but I’ll wait to pass judgment until reading PVRBlog and EngadgetHD‘s upcoming reviews.