Who’s On First: Voice, Video, Data?

verizon-logo.jpgI was perusing the transcript of a Verizon webcast the other day (yes, I am that lame), and ran across two interesting and related points. First, Ron Lataille, Verizon SVP of IR, acknowledged that many young people don’t get wireline phone service when they move, but rather stick with just a cell phone. Not surprising in itself, but Mr. Lataille also suggested that starting a family seems to be a trigger point for converting from a cell-phone-only residence to one with a landline.I seem to be just past the cell-phone-only demographic, or at least among people living outside of NYC. However, I have to admit that if I had only had a cell phone a few years ago, that would have changed when I had my daughter. It’s not so much that I worry about the wireless infrastructure. Any phone system can go down with enough traffic overload. No, I worry about leaving my phone uncharged and then discovering that my power adapter doesn’t work. (It’s happened. Several times.) I also still worry about the issue of dialing 911. Until my cell phone is GPS-enabled, I want a landline the police can track my location on. (VoIP discussion, anyone?)

Second, Mr. Lataille noted that instead of activating landline phone service, many people who move make their first appointment with the cable company. (This from a Verizon guy! A company that has moved directly into competition with cable companies…)

It got me thinking about what I would turn on first. Having moved just shy of two years ago, I remember getting phone first, but also desperately stealing WiFi signal from my neighbors. If I moved today, landline service probably would come in second, or third.

After all, I can get communication and entertainment without ever picking up a phone. This evening I watched a college basketball game and IM’ed through the whole thing with my brother. Usually I avoid IM like the plague, but I do make the occasional exception. And email, well, I couldn’t live without it.

What about you? Which service tops your priority list?

2 thoughts on “Who’s On First: Voice, Video, Data?”

  1. When we moved about 18 months ago, I “borrowed” WiFi for a few weeks and used rabbit ears. Eventually we had the cable installer and DSL guy show up on the same day. A few weeks after that, we signed on to Vonage so we wouldn’t have to carry our cell phones around with us to each room.

    We haven’t had a land line since moving, but an upcoming job change has me considering it for clarity and reliability.

  2. 7 years ago when I moved from one area to another I first called to get a landline. After being told it would take 3 weeks I went out and got my first cell phone in less than 30 minutes and had a working number. Today I have a landline for my DirecTV to call out and for tele-marketers to call me it seems. My first call would be DSL, especially now that I can get it without an active landline. After DSL probably DTV then Verizon.

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