Slingbox & HAVA Holiday Software Updates


Software updates for both Slingbox and HAVA placeshifting devices have been released. For the most part these offer minor enhancements and tweaks.


The changes are mostly subtle, such as the inclusion of the latest Slingbox Pro HD firmware and “official” support for Slingbox Classic. What’s most interesting, and not part of the software, is the introduction of a online account. What do you think that’s all about? Ideas


HAVA software now better supports HD input, though remember place shifted content is not high-def. The update better auto-detects source resolution (4:3 v 16:9) and format (PAL v NTSC). This software build also includes a number of bug fixes and maintenance improvements.

I installed both updates last night and didn’t notice much new. But to settle the ongoing Slingbox verus HAVA debate, I watched a few minutes of the Hawaii Bowl via my TiVo Series3 taking turns with the Slingbox Pro and HAVA Wireless. With my uncorrected near sighted vision, again I’ll say the video quality is quite comparable and I wouldn’t say one was better than the other in this particular experiment. Instead, I’d like to point out software features that one vendor has and the other does not. But they should…

Slingbox Software Pros

  • Channel favorites
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Authentic Remote control skins
  • Network fine tuning
  • Skinless player

Hava Software Pros

  • Pause/record stream
  • Autodetect 4:3 v 16:9
  • Customize network name