TiVo Series3 Pricing Poll Results

As you can see in the chart below, over 80% of us feel the S3 will come in between $200 and $800. That’s a huge range, so I’ll just hope the lower end wins out. The comedians who voted for under $200 may want to review some recent info out of TiVo…

Megazone transcribes: One extreme is the very high end of the market. I had up there on the slide a Series3 HD product which we’re rolling out later this year. That is a dual tuner, actually it has more that two tuners, high definition, broadband connected, it works with all of the Internet video formats, it is a very compelling high end product. But, like a lot of high definition products, it will not be inexpensive. And for us it is an opportunity to really give consumers the best of the best. But that, for example, is not a product we will subsidize at anywhere near the level we have some of our other products.

ZNF Poll
How much will the S3 TiVo cost?

$0 – $199 (ha!) (4) 2%
$200 – $399 (35) 20%
$400 – $599 (70) 40%
$600 – $799 (37) 21%
$800 – $999 (20) 12%
$1000 or more (7) 4%

Total Votes: 173