XM Portable Video Player?

So is this a fanboy Photoshop job or a leaked prototype? I’m voting Photoshop, though XM has partnered with On2 for video distribution. At the moment it appears they don’t have the bandwidth or content partnerships to beam multiple feeds of video, but what’s to stop them from creating a bring your own video (BYOV) solution until those details are worked out.

(via Orbitcast)

3 thoughts on “XM Portable Video Player?”

  1. Mainly anecdotal evidence and speculation … info I’ve gleaned from your site and from a guy I work with who was involved in some of the initial design and rollout of XM through LCC. I think it’s within the realm of possibility to provide light-weight video content, such as weather info and traffic map overlays, but I don’t see streaming entertainment shows now before picking up more spectrum. I could definitely be wrong and often am. :)

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