Cisco Buying TiVo… Unlikely

I didn’t originally report the Cisco eyeing TiVo rumors of last week. The story struck me as pure speculation without any concrete sources cited. Had the writer not listed Nintendo as a possible acquisition target, I might have been able to evaluate the proposition more seriously. Trust me, Nintendo won’t be bought by an American networking juggernaut. The CNET author is back today after listening in on a Cisco conference call… and I find the spokeperson’s response telling:

CNET says: When asked if DVR maker Tivo might be able to help Cisco reach this market, Giancarlo coolly dismissed rumors that Cisco might buy the company. “If I had a dollar for every company that Cisco has been speculated to buy,” he said, “it would add up to a lot of money. But honestly most of the time those speculations turn out to be untrue.”