TiVo Begins Overlap Protection Rollout

TiVo Overlap Clip

It looks like TiVo system software 7.2.1 has begun rolling out for Series 2 models. As I previously reported, the highlight of this release is Overlap Protection – a method to deal with the networks staggering the traditional beginning and ending times of shows without missing a recording. Everything else appears to be under the hood tweaks. TiVo hasn’t established an upgrade priority list at this time – and they may not, as I’ve been told this is a “minor” release.

It turns out TiVo-hosted HME applications are not tied to 7.2.1 and can be enabled with 7.2 once TiVo flips the switch on their end (see Fandango). Based on conversations with Tivo representatives at DigitalLife, I expect we’ll start seeing these widgets as early as next month.

Tivo says: Overlap Protection gives you additional options for dealing with recording conflicts. Normally, when two programs overlap by a few minutes, the lower priority recording is cancelled. (For example, one program ends at 8:33, while the next program begins at 8:30) When you turn Overlap Protection on, the DVR automatically clips the lover priority recording by just enough minutes to allow both programs to record. When scheduling new recordings, the DVR notifies you of any recording conflict and gives you options for resolving it. If the Overlap Protection feature is on, your options include clipping the lower priority program.