Verizon Flips FiOS TV Switch

FiOS TVFiOS TV has gone live in Texas with a huge selection of digital channels and VOD at very competitive prices. Verizon plans to expand service into Florida, California, and Virginia later this year. FiOS TV uses Verizon’s fat pipe fiber optics to provide IPTV via a set-top box.

Verizon says: FiOS TV subscribers will enjoy 100 percent digital programming, as well as access to a large selection of video-on-demand content. Expanded Basic delivers more than 180 video and music channels for $39.95 a month. This tier includes access to 600 on-demand titles now, with 1,800 by year end. This service requires a standard-definition set-top box or a high-definition set-top box for HD channels. Verizon offers three set-top boxes: standard definition for $3.95 per month; high definition, which includes HD channels, for $9.95 per month; and a digital video recorder set-top box with HD channels for $12.95 per month.