Verizon FiOS TV Scores ESPN And Disney Channel

FiOS TVVerizon’s FiOS TV has only been approved in a handful of jurisdictions, but that hasn’t stopped them from moving forward with content deals. Today Verizon inked a major agreement with Disney.

Verizon definitely needed ESPN to compete with traditional cable providers and satellite TV… And now they can – ssuming they get cleared to provide television service in more regions. Oh how I dream of the day that I can dump Comcast.

Verizon says: Under the agreement, Verizon will carry 12 television services on Verizon FiOS TV’s expanded basic, including ABC Family, ABC News Now, Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, Toon Disney and SOAPnet. Verizon will also be granted retransmission consent of ABC’s owned and operated television stations as part of the agreement.