ShowShifter Has Died

Dave Zatz —  March 8, 2006

You knew it was coming… Once Microsoft entered the space with Media Center Edition, it became inevitable many multimedia software pioneers would be killed off. On the other end of the spectrum from MCE, you’ve got MythTV which is both full featured and free. That doesn’t leave much room in the middle… It will only get harder to compete as the world migrates to digital — without QAM (you listening SnapStream?) or CableCARD support these guys are dead in the water.

I tried out ShowShifter a few times on one of my early HTPCs and projector about four years ago. R.I.P.

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Doesn’t look like any major interface or DRM changes to iTunes yet, but Apple introduced monthly subscriptions today for both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Ten bucks for 16 shows is better than $1.99 a pop, though I’d prefer paying a little more and having unlimited downloads — Heck, under that model, I’d even be fine with shows expiring after a week or so. Have I mentioned lately that 320×240 is unacceptable? ;)

Reuters says: Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes music and video store on Wednesday took its first step toward a monthly subscription model with a new service called Multi-Pass that lets users buy TV shows on a monthly basis. iTunes is launching the service in partnership with Viacom Inc.’s Comedy Central Network, which is rolling out “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report” on the service.

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TiVo 7.2.2 Priority List

Dave Zatz —  March 8, 2006

TiVo’s 7.2.2 software rollout has begun. If you want first dibs, register here. Features include undelete, an improved Suggestions engine, and updated network drivers including support for the Linksys USB200M v2. Since there’s still no support for WPA, my USB200M is on order.

TiVo Cellphone Scheduling

Dave Zatz —  March 7, 2006

TiVo has announced a partnership with Verizon to add cellphone scheduling capabilities early this summer. TiVo Mobile consists of a custom Java app, distinct from their recently refreshed animated web scheduling. Pricing hasn’t been announced and partnerships with other carriers haven’t been ruled out. One article suggested the service could cost up to $5/mo and that Verizon has a 60 day exclusive, after which point it can be shopped around.

This probably isn’t a service I’d utilize (especially since I’m with Sprint), but it’s good for some positive attention. Interestingly, the announcement does not mention Yahoo… renewing speculation on the nature of their partnership.

TiVo says: TiVo, the creator of and a leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVR), and Verizon Wireless, owner of the nation’s most reliable network, announced today an agreement that will allow Verizon Wireless to debut TiVo Mobile, a new downloadable application that lets TiVo® service subscribers schedule recordings on their TiVo device directly from their Get It Now equipped Verizon Wireless handset.

“This arrangement will allow the growing base of TiVo subscribers to integrate control of their TV life with the most widespread piece of consumer electronics, the wireless phone,” said Tom Rogers, CEO of TiVo.

TiVo Mobile is a new innovation that will allow TiVo subscribers to schedule DVR recordings and access related entertainment information from the convenience of their mobile handsets. Viewers will be able to schedule recordings on the go via the same user interface that makes TiVo the best-in-class DVR experience.

Starting in summer 2006, in an exclusive arrangement with Verizon Wireless, users will be able to download the application from the Verizon Wireless Get It Now suite of services onto applicable handsets. Verizon Wireless and TiVo will also collaborate on a joint marketing campaign to promote availability of the new TiVo Mobile feature.

“TiVo Mobile will add yet another unique benefit to the Verizon Wireless Get It Now service by allowing our subscribers to be the first mobile users anywhere to schedule television recordings on TiVo using their mobile handset,” said John Stratton, Verizon Wireless chief marketing officer. “As a powerful consumer entertainment brand, TiVo has the ability to help us attract consumers who value the leading multimedia capabilities Verizon Wireless offers.”

Slingbox Exposure

Dave Zatz —  March 6, 2006

So I was in the Best Buy today looking for a new wireless bridge with multiple network jacks. The first thing I discovered is that no one has any idea what a wireless bridge is… apparantly the vogue terms are wireless ethernet converter or wireless game adapter, despite the fact this project has nothing to do with my gaming console. (I’m probably also the only one using PCMCIA to describe my EVDO card.) The second thing I discovered that Buffalo pitches their wireless ethernet converter as a Slingbox networking solution which I thought was both interesting and pretty cool.

TiVoToGo Header Hack

Dave Zatz —  March 6, 2006

Greg Burns has whipped up a clever little TiVoToGo app called TiVo Attach that reapplies header metadata after editing a show. Though this is just the first phase… over at the TiVo Community Forum we’re trying to understand how TiVo labels shows to ultimately add custom headers to personal .mpegs that are honored by grouping when using TiVoBack.

Greg says: TiVo Attach allows you to detach the metadata information (header) from a .tivo file and reattach it to any .mpg file. A common scenario would be to edit a .tivo file in VideoRedo to remove commercials. The output from VideoRedo is a plain .mpg with the metadata removed. Without the metadata, these edited .mpg files will no longer group in folders when transferred back to your TiVo. TiVo Attach allows you to reattach that metadata, thus preserving the information needed for grouping.

XM Portable Video Player?

Dave Zatz —  March 6, 2006

So is this a fanboy Photoshop job or a leaked prototype? I’m voting Photoshop, though XM has partnered with On2 for video distribution. At the moment it appears they don’t have the bandwidth or content partnerships to beam multiple feeds of video, but what’s to stop them from creating a bring your own video (BYOV) solution until those details are worked out.

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