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TiVo Adapter Winner!

Dave Zatz —  January 17, 2006

Tim McKee, a software engineer in Nebraska, has won the super speedy TiVo adapter. As with my last giveaway, entrants were reverse alphabetized and the winner was randomly chosen.

For more details on the adapter, check out my review. To answer a common question, according to several reports on the TCF, yes the adapter is providing speeds equivalent to a wired connection.

Quoted In New York Times

Dave Zatz —  January 15, 2006

Several weeks ago the NY Times contacted me… they were considering a TiVoToGo article if they could get enough info and locate a few real world examples. So I got the writer up to speed on TTG and put her in touch with some of my online TiVo buddies — and here we are! Fortunately, I abstained from a photo shoot, allowing them to find a more compelling subject.

NY Times says: Dave Zatz, a network engineer who lives in the Washington area, has used TiVoToGo software to switch television shows to a variety of devices: “I started on laptops, then PDA’s, DVD’s and phones,” he said. “I try them,” he said of his different electronic targets. “I play with them. I go on to the next gadget.”

To watch television shows away from home, he prefers his Dell Axim personal digital assistant, because of the picture quality, the long battery life and the many additional functions that the device offers; it costs about $300. Riding the Red Line on the Metro in Washington, for example, he has used his Axim to watch “Mind of Mencia,” recorded from the Comedy Central cable channel. Such entertainment makes a big difference to him during a commute in a crowded train with no place to sit, or to open a newspaper or magazine. “That’s dead time,” he said, “especially if you have to stand.”

CES & Macworld Cravings

Dave Zatz —  January 13, 2006

I don’t know about you, but not much got my juices flowing. You’ve seen one TV, you’ve seen them all — except for that 103″ monster plasma. Sadly, I didn’t actually get to Vegas this year… I waited too long to finalize plans and missed my opportunity. However, that won’t stop me from listing the gadgets I want in 2006.

In no particular order…
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Let me get this out the way first… Yes, it’s significantly faster than your typical wireless adapter. How fast, you ask? 60% faster! Now your mileage will vary depending on your current TiVo hardware, network hardware, and network configuration. Having said that I tested TiVoToGo (TTG) using different TiVo models against various adapters and the results were generally about 60% faster.

The adapter itself is solidly constructed. The base is brushed silver metal with enough heft and a non-skid rubber backing to stay put. The design is clever in elevating the antenna for increased reception. That antenna portion of the adapter is dark grey plastic with a TiVo logo and looks nice next to my TiVo units and furniture. Lastly, the adapter is bundled with a light grey USB cable, as it doesn’t hang directly off the back of the unit. At fifty bucks, the price is comparable to most wireless adapters. I can’t image TiVo is making any money off this thing given the smart design, solid construction, and next generation wireless chip. For the moment, TiVo’s online store is the only place to purchase one.
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TiVoToGo For Mac Lives!

Dave Zatz —  January 7, 2006

Megazone gets the scoop again… A TiVoToGo Mac application exists and is on display at CES. While it’s an internal, pre-alpha build, it appears to transfer shows. Presumably the Mac decryption module has been built, as MacOSX recognizes the files as MPEG-2. Recently, Bob Poniatowski has stated Mac support drop mid-2006.

(photo from megazone, the only TiVo blogger at CES)

Here’s something to chew on…

Yahoo’s forthcoming Go TV will offer a variety of video, movie, and TV related services. That in itself is not so interesting. What is interesting is Yahoo claiming they will provide “full PVR functionality” and “full TV tuning capabilities” “directly on your TV.” Both the press release and official site lack the kind of technical details we’re looking for… but I find it extremeley interesting that they’re using TiVo’s trademarked phrase “trick play” in the announcement.

We already know Yahoo! and TiVo have buddied up, so it wouldn’t be a huge stretch to expand that partnership. There’s not much concrete here, but plenty to speculate on… use those comments wisely.

Yahoo says:

  • Full Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality, including trick play features and access to the PC for storage of content
  • Full TV tuning capabilities to control your TV channels

TiVo Central Online Beta

Dave Zatz —  January 6, 2006

TiVo is beta testing the latest version of TiVo Central Online (TCO). The highlight of the website update is the ability to view upcoming television programming within a grid guide specific to your location and cable/satellite provider. Additionally, you can filter content via a personal color coding scheme. As with the current TCO, online scheduling is supported.

Overall, it’s a slick inerface that’s highly usable – a definite improvement over the current TCO and is even superior to Yahoo’s listings. For the geeks in the house, AJAX is powering the dynamic rendering.

The beta webpage can be found here:

You might want to check it out sooner, rather than later… no telling how quickly it will be yanked after this post goes live. ;)