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As the (DVR) world turns…Given the flux at Microsoft,” Ceton has thrown in the towel on their 6 tuner CableCARD DVR – at least as originally conceived, running on Windows Embedded with Media Center. And we’ll have to wait until 2013 to learn if the Ceton Q will reemerge. Meanwhile, The Verge has received intel on the D-Link Boxee Box successor (that I’ve been searching for). Gone is the radical form factor (along with the QWERTY remote and optical audio), but in its place is potentially more desirable DVR capabilities – and at least one ATSC tuner as far I can tell. No word yet on storage capacities or if they’ll go the Simple.TV route in which you bring your own drive.


TiVo Premiere owners in Western Washington and Minnesota woke up to Xfinity On Demand this morning, as Comcast’s TiVo roll out continues. If you recall, this technology tie up allows any retail TiVo Premiere DVR to receive cable operator’s previously out-of-reach library of on demand programming — both freebies and pay per view. Deployment began this past spring in San Francisco, but has quickly accelerated as you can see from the chart below… with two happy customers reaching out today. Kevin near Bellvue, WA has been impressed with the responsiveness of both the app and shifting through content – saying TiVo bests Comcast’s own set-top box. As a non-Comcast customer and given TiVo burying the hatchet (in Verizon’s back), I sure hope we FiOS TV customers might one day receive similar on demand functionality. Make it so?


(Thanks Kevin H & Dan J!)

Charter Drops TiVo… For TiVo

Dave Zatz —  September 5, 2012


Wondering what happened to Charter’s stalled rollout of TiVo? Charter (CHTR) has updated their TiVo page with new details.

You want a better TV experience – loaded with better browsing capabilities, personalized recommendations, and integration with smart phones and tablets. And we’re dedicated to bringing it to you, just not through the launch of TiVo Premiere from Charter. Instead, we’re doing something even better. We’re pursuing software solutions that will integrate into our next-generation video platform, ultimately delivering even more capabilities to the Charter TV experience.

And from TiVo’s recent quarterly call:

In terms of our relationship with Charter Communications, both TiVo and Charter are focused on driving TiVo software to future set-top box platforms and potentially to already-deployed Charter set-top boxes. Obviously, deployment there has been slowed by the fact that Charter is now looking to utilize TiVo on a next-generation platform that is still being determined. So we don’t have as much visibility in the timing there as we’d like.

So it’s safe to say Charter’s goal of deploying TiVo across their footprint in 2012 is off the table. As to what comes next, guess we’ll have to wait and see. And, speaking of cable deals missing in action, neither TiVo nor Cox have had much to say about the partnership they inked in 2010. Yet, having moved one million Virgin Media TiVo boxes in the UK, perhaps Cox and Charter aren’t so relevant to TiVo these days.

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75 Minutes To Verizon FiOS

Dave Zatz —  August 28, 2012


As the owner of a brand spanking new home, we had the unique opportunity to decide which provider would run cable into our humble abode. After weighing the pros and cons, we selected Verizon FiOS over Comcast Xfinity for both television and Internet services. And, from start to finish, it was the least painful process we’ve experienced in this realm. No hiccups… even the CableCARD pairing went smoothly. Also, at a mere 75 minutes, it was very efficient — handily beating our prior six hour FiOS retrofit.

What follows is the tweet archive of our install:


TiVo’s upcoming IP-STB has been been christened as the “TiVo Mini.” This wasn’t entirely unexpected, as I’d learned of it being referenced as such internally and believe it’s popped up at a TiVo investor or industry talk recently. It’s probably not TiVo’s best branding move to describe their DVR-less extender, but the kangaroo-centric Hopper and Joey are spoken for. Regardless, TiVo tells me the Mini IP-STB is still on track for a fall launch… which I’m counting on to turn my existing TiVo Premiere XL4/Elite into a whole-home DVR, streaming both live and recorded content to additional HDTVs, yet powered by a single CableCARD.

(Thanks, Sam!)

ZNF regular Chucky shares some satircally exclusive details regarding rumors that Apple has pitched the cable industry

In a stunning anouncement, Apple has reached a deal this morning with almost all US major MSO’s to offer cable service via the magical new Apple TV Pro.

All cable billing for the Apple TV Pro will take place through iTunes Billing, with Apple taking their god-given 30% tax off the top, and an ‘Expanded Basic’ sub priced at $220/month, and HBO at $80/month for consumers.

Eddy Cue of Apple was quoted as saying, “We decided to way to get the MSO’s to get past their iTunes billing objections was to stuff their mouths with gold”.

Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, was quoted as saying, “That Tim Cook really understands supply chains. This is a great deal for…” Roberts attempted to continue his statement, but collapsed in uncontrollable laughter.

The magical Apple TV Pro will feature live cable TV, AirPlay, and Siri, but no DVR. Tim Cook was quoted as saying, “We think we have the cash to run saturation Sam Jackson and Zooey Deschanel ads to get folks beyond their irrational attachment to the DVR.”

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Ceton Q DVR Pushed To 2013?

Dave Zatz —  July 16, 2012


It’s been some time since TiVo’s had some competition in the retail DVR appliance space. And Ceton looked poised to join the fray this year. The Ceton Q DVR was expected to arrive in 2012 containing a whopping six tuners, powered by a single CableCARD, two terabytes of storage, and a Blu-ray drive. Ceton has announced upcoming Holiday availability of the Echo Windows Media Center extender, with benefits, yet they’re withholding further details on the Q until September… suggesting to me that we’re no longer on track for release this year. In terms of divining pricing, with the tuner-less Ceton Echo launching at $179, I’d say we’re easily looking at a $400 product – with $600 being even more realistic for a small company. But, with Microsoft seemingly content to let Media Center atrophy and die, I’m not sure how much I’d be willing to invest on a solution based on that platform.