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A bird in the hand…

Dave Zatz —  October 23, 2012

Right on schedule, Apple unveiled the iPad Mini ($329). And, I suppose, there’s really not much to say. It’s a smaller iPad. Or, maybe, a larger iPhone. With a lesser DPI than either. But thinner than my recently returned Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Brian Lam, of The Wirecutter, was hopeful that folks attending Apple’s event might go beyond the press release verbiage in their coverage… to which PC Mag‘s Sascha Segan responded with allusions to the inevitable “in the hand” descriptions. My colleagues were only happy to oblige with nearly universal iPad Mini hand praise:

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Thanks to our pal Khaled, we’re back with several unannounced Logitech goodies on tap this fall. While they’re probably not as unique as the WiFi webcam broadcaster, solid computing accessories are a necessity. And I’ve long been a proponent of Logitech’s keyboard and mouse solutions.

Touch Mouse (T620)
The Touch Mice are slated to arrive in both black and white and will retail for $69 according to B&H Photo. While there’s no description, one can assume that the touch mouse is, er, a touch mouse – and the logical successor to the M600. It’s my understanding this may be a PC model, whereas the Mac model will go by T631.

Zone Mouse (T400)
Unlike the Touch Mouse that is presumably covered by a responsive surface, the Logitech Zone Mouse  looks to have a very specific touch sensitive zone. And while I generally appreciate shiny things, I much prefer the T400’s black matte styling over the T620. MacMall has this one at $62.

Rechargeable Touchpad (T651)
The Bluetooth touchpad above looks to replicate what Apple offers. But as opposed to replacing those Duracels every few months, Logitech integrated rechargeable battery. Not to mention this is cross platform. MacMall has it listed for $94, but we’ve seen it as high as $110… and assume it’ll land somewhere in the middle upon release.


It’s been some time since Logitech has produced dedicated Mac video conferencing solutions. While several recent cameras actually work on Mac OS X, it happens via universal driver and they don’t leverage any of the Logitech value add… which I discovered the hard way when trying to repurpose the Google TV Revue camera. However, based on this unannounced Logitech Wireless Webcam For Mac ($180) spotted at B&H Photo, Logitech’s ready to take on the Mountain Lion. Of course, as most Macs incorporate a decent Facetime camera, Logitech’s offering should up the ante — so one would assume both higher quality video and video. Not to mention what looks like a rechargeable battery and wireless capabilities along with some sort of status indicator. Hm! As Engadget’s Richard Lawler said, “’tis the season” for interesting product leaks…

(Thanks Khaled!)

By now, I’m rather certain you’ve heard that Apple’s replacement maps aren’t living up to some customer’s expectations. While there has been all sorts of rumor and speculation as to why the change was made, as a consumer, it’s mostly noise (from the apologists). The bottom line for many iPhone owners is that Google Maps have been replaced by Apple Maps. And while, at first blush, they sounded superior with flyover 3D renderings and turn-by-turn nav (finally! on some models…), in many geographic areas the data leaves much to be desired. For example, as you can see above, Apple believes I live in a beige patch of nothingness whereas Google has a relatively decent picture of my neighborhood. Yet, I’m not often lost in our community and had good luck doing some minor Apple Maps navigation in the big city. So I’m wondering, on a practical level, how bad are these new Apple maps… and has it impacted you? Continue Reading…


Out looking for a couch, we swung by the neighboring Bang & Olufsen whilst percolating our seating options.  And, boy, were we wooed by B&O’s relatively new BeoPlay A3. Labeling this product an iPad “dock” doesn’t do it justice — not to mention, we hear the dock is dead. This BeoPlay is basically a speaker chasis for your iPad, that kindly integrates a 6-hour rechargeable battery. While B&O is quick to point out the audio quality (3 tweeters, 1 woofer) of this device, being shallow, I’m most impressed by its good looks… with flush tablet fit and multiple display orientations/positions. The A3 ships with two iPad sleeves (to account for all three iPad generations) and, when mated with a tablet, easily pops out of the device using the B&O button on the rear. This would make the most killer kitchen TV. But I’d prefer a few more color options. And perhaps a lower price of entry… At $549, it’s more costly than many iPads it would encase. No one said looking good is economical.


Roku has updated their free Android and iPhone apps with “Play on Roku” — a new feature to beam local photos and music to your television screen via Roku media streamers ($50 and up). I took the photo sharing feature a quick spin under iOS 6 and it works as advertised. In fact, I’d say it’s nicely polished for a v1, including the ability to launch album slideshows using various transitions and speed options. Although I did experience one crash and the app seems to continuously communicate, even when returning to the typical remote control functionality. Exclusive to the Android app (for now?), users can “change the channel” via voice. While there are indications that Roku intends to continue expanding their second screen initiative, no word yet on Apple AirPlay-esque video streaming or screen sharing.

iPhone 5 To Ride The Lightning

Dave Zatz —  September 12, 2012


We’re mere hours away from the introduction of the next iPhone. Whether or or not it goes by “iPhone 5” there’s been a rash of leaked hardware photos (assuming they’re legit, as last year’s rumored wedge design never made it to market) and, hidden within our bounty, is a new dock connector. Many appear fixated on faster data transfer speeds, given the possible internal “lightning” codename. Yet I never tether my phone to a computer and, as the owner of an iPad 3, I sure hope this foreshadows faster charging technologies. Related, given Motorola’s RAZR MAXX battery life success, I’m hopeful the miniaturization of the dock connector alludes to additional part shrinkage… making way for a larger iPhone battery with, presumably, additional power saving techniques attached. Dan Frommer, a reluctant Mophie owner, pines for similar.

What’s on your iPhone 5 wishlist?


Cablevision subsidiary OMGFAST! has begun leasing Apple TV to broadband customers in South Florida. While they probably sport the cleverest (or nerdiest) name in Internet service, long term, $5 a month for a $99 device you can easily pick up on your own may not be the best value. Then again, we imagine there are those unfamiliar with the space who would also benefit from installation assistance.

From the promo page:

Special Offer: $5 per month for Apple TV box with free installation. Apple TV provides access to Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and more on your TV. Also allows iPhones, iPads, Macs and iPods to display video, music and photos on your big screen!