Jun 28

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  1. Guess I missed this bit of craziness – they really are looking into drones to distribute pokes and likes:


    Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and chief executive of Facebook, announced on Thursday that the company was creating a new lab of up to 50 aeronautics experts and space scientists to figure out how to beam Internet access down from solar-powered drones and other “connectivity aircraft.”

  2. “Guess I missed this bit of craziness – they really are looking into drones to distribute pokes and likes”

    Not just drones. The immortal phrase is drones, lasers, and satellites.

    (And it’s not really about pokes and likes. It’s actually about going after folks who try to restrict their privacy settings or cancel their account. The new EULA makes quite clear that you grant Facebook military power to punish any such user actions. Your next of kin do have the right to take such actions to arbitration after the fact, but the arbitrators are chosen by Facebook…)

  3. BREAKING: Change this morning to Facebook’s TOS. You now grant Facebook explicit permission to use drones, lasers, and satellites to kill your friends or enemies to test whether this makes you happy or sad.

  4. Did they not see the video of Netflix’s drone experiment, and you remember how well that went…

  5. Ever watched the Continuum TV series? In it there is a big, powerful corporation that began as a social media VR system. The show switches back and forth from “today” to some point before the end of the 21st century. In the future that company leads, along with other corporations, the world government. In the present time the story develops around the kid who grows up to be head of that corporation through his genius in technology. It has its quirks and issues, but at the same time, it’s quite good. The show is Canadian, but it is available through a few US media outlets.