TiVo execs eye potential Charter rollout, U.S. launch of network DVRs

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4 responses to TiVo execs eye potential Charter rollout, U.S. launch of network DVRs

  1. We were the forerunners of giving people the ability to take video and send it to your grandparents and put it up on your television set. It was very cool, and nobody cared.

    I don’t recall this – especially in an interactive context – he’s not talking about using Tivo Desktop is he? If it is, he threw me with the very cool comment.

  2. Probably this:
    TiVo Rolls Out Video and Photo Sharing Service (3/27/07)

    It wasn’t a bad service, but it cost money and was a bit ahead of its time in terms of people with tvs that had internet connectivity (natively or via stb).

  3. Yeah, probably One True Media. But like many things TiVo the failure is more marketing than tech not to mention most grandparents don’t care about DVRs. But… Drone TV! ;)



  4. Ah so that’s what One True Media was on my S3. Kind of neat it showed up in Now Showing. I must have missed the marketing… oh wait…

    You know Bezos announcing the drone delivery concept was pretty cool. However, Drone tv, um , not so much. At least we now know where all that r&d cash is going.