DISH Hopper App Consolidation Underway

Dave Zatz —  December 22, 2013


DISH Anywhere Android and iOSĀ apps have both been updated to expand their Sling Hopper capabilities from mere streaming to also include DVR recording downloads. Now the functionality isn’t new, but consolidating down from three apps to two is a good move – and one we’ve seen from a variety of service providers (like Verizon) who have finally realized less is more. By comparison, TiVo provides remote control, guide, streaming, and offloading in a single (iOS) app. Also worth mentioning, unlike retail Slingboxes, DISH Hopper apps are provided free of charge. And, despite upcoming service fee increases, the DISH Hopper, with integrated placeshifting and commercial skip, remains one of the most compelling set-tops on the market.

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3 responses to DISH Hopper App Consolidation Underway

  1. Any thoughts about when the commercial skip lawsuit will have a decision?

    maybe if its pro-commercial skip we will see it on TiVo one-day?

    albeit well probably have to buy a whole new TiVo just so they can milk us.

  2. I imagine each decision will be appealed, regardless of the temporary victor. The only thing that’s clear so far as they the courts don’t seem to favor an injunction until the situation can be fully ruled upon. In both cases (commercial skip and placeshifting), it may come down to the contracts DISH has in places with the studios and what not… and what sorts of usage might be prohibited. And if the language wasn’t there last time, it’ll be there next time. Also, as implemented, the commercial skip is only specific to prime time broadcasts on the locals and the commercial skip isn’t active for a few hours after recording (which was also obviously attempt to limit their legal exposure).

    Litigation of commercial skip severely crippled ReplayTV back in the day, for whatever that’s worth. And TiVo has historically worked very hard to avoid controversy. One of the reasons I was quite surprised to see out-of-home placeshifting integrated into Roamio (but done so in such a way that enables cable operators to prohibit it). So the better Roamio does, the more locked down it’ll become is my guess.

  3. Just got a slingbox 500, hooked it up to my wifi-connected, fios tv. I then set out to buy the appropriate apps for my iphone5 and ipad3 and was horrified by the reviews. I don’t want to pay the fee for each device if they don’t work. What do you suggest? Appears this has been going on for awhile and slingbox doesn’t seem to be any closer to a fix.