We have a love-hate relationship with the CableCARD. -Tom Rogers, TiVo CEO

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  1. A few other interesting nuggets from the 9/12 Bank of America Merrill Lynch webcast, which we hope to get to in a couple more posts.


  2. Any further context on that quote? The sentence that came before and after it?

  3. I replaced the webcast audio link above with the Seeking Alpha transcript. Basically elaborating on the quote… CableCARD still has a high amount of “friction” but is the only way for retail devices to get to the linear cable content, somewhat improved since the FCC intervened a year or three back, but there are other ways to work cable tech into CE products as they’ve done with Comcast VOD and maybe looking ahead to some sort all AllVid or IP solution?

    Speaking of which, I was meaning to write a letter to the FCC in TiVo’s defense. Need to check with Sam, I may have missed the deadline. Update: Looks like I have until the 16th, but with Yom Kippur this weekend and various other stuff, I may not get to it. Unlike my Echostar/ChannelMaster letter, tho, I was going to write it as a blog post, links and all, to use here and go into their filing system. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll respond to the responses… which will open thru October 9th.