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Sony’s out with an interesting PS3 offering today. The Folding@Home download has been updated and rebranded as Life with Playstation. In addition to crunching away on molecular proteins, the add-on now presents current worldwide news (Google) and weather (Weather Channel) accompanied by music (bring your own). But I don’t really want to talk about the new features…

While I’ve played on the PS3 a decent amount, this is the first time I’ve lived with it. And Sony’s launch of Life with Playstation emphasizes the console’s UI issues. Microsoft, known for computer software, has done a much better job implementing the 10′ interface with the Xbox 360 than Sony, known for consumer electronics devices, has with the PS3.

When interacting with the PS3, I frequently feel like a PC is attached to the plasma – too much text, fonts are too small, poor use of screen real estate, too many download and installation screens, crash messaging, etc. I captured maybe only half of the screens below (unreadable from the couch) it took to get this app installed. Shouldn’t it really download and install automatically, perhaps even silently?