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The Ghosts of CES Past

Dave Zatz —  January 4, 2015

With the 2015 edition of the annual Consumer Electronics Show upon us, it’s time to reflect on how various companies utilize their time in the sun. And, unfortunately, the signal to noise ratio is not always favorable for the gadget blogger given a large number of introduced products that skulk away with nary the follow-on discussion and no product on shelves.

Some of the more intriguing CES 2014 items we covered that pulled a Houdini:
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Amazon Launches Ad Network

Dave Zatz —  August 21, 2014


As a for (gadget) profit entity, we’re often on the lookout for new methods of delivering relevant yet minimally intrusive advertising. And, one effective tool has been Amazon Associates. As Amazon sells just about everything, we can hopefully maintain a certain level of editorial neutrality by spiking the occasional post or tweet with an affiliate link to whatever product we happen to be discussing (and only endorse products worthy of endorsement).

Well, beyond Amazon sales, select Associates have been granted early access to a whole new program of banner advertising – beyond Amazon inventory and paid per impression, versus a sales commission. Continue Reading…

CES 2014: Oh, The Miles

Dave Zatz —  January 17, 2014


While I mostly classify activity trackers as novelties, with limited actionable intelligence, CES is the absolute best place to put them through their paces (ha, punny). With my buddies Brad Linder of Liliputing and Kevin Tofel of GigaOm each stepping up to the plate. Kevin sports a Fitbit Force wristband and Brad rolls with a Withings Pulse puck – so the comparison isn’t entirely equivalent, but both shed light on the massive scale of CES – which covers multiple convention and expo centers across multiple Vegas venues. Each hiked over 35 miles in pursuit of gadgety goodness and we salute them for their efforts (and cardiovascular fitness).


Speaking of CES tracking, attendee badges (or at least press badges) were outfitted with NFC stickers this year. In my Vegas experience, the feature was used to check into press events and ensure we’re entitled to and received only a single boxed lunch (per day). Missing Remote dumped the Bcard Smartrac data – which wasn’t super revealing, but folks like us clearly enjoy tinkering.

CES 2014: Day Zero

Dave Zatz —  January 4, 2014

After a harrowing and uncertain journey, I successfully arrived in Vegas (without my luggage) for the 2014 edition of CES — the largest US tech trade show. While the convention center floor doesn’t actually open until Tuesday, press events begin tomorrow. Not that the timing deterred me from going on a quick recon mission while awaiting my suitcase. And, as you can see above, the CES media trailers are in full effect (with Engadget’s studio under construction). As to themes, 4K HDTV and wearable tech top the pre-show buzz, with a healthy dose of Audi chatter and the requisite glut of iPhone accessorizing (despite Apple, Inc not actually having a CES presence). Plus you can’t walk 100′ without encountering something Samsung-branded. Continue Reading…

Photo Fun at CES

Mari Silbey —  January 13, 2011

CES is over for another year, but the photos live on. There was the minion who visited the blogger lounge, the Panasonic sand sculpture, and the masses of entirely non-goofy-looking people wearing 3D glasses. I also snapped a pic of a dude named Mo, who was selling solar chargers in the middle of the night at the Venetian (doesn’t he know the sun there is fake?), and swiped a photo from Liliputing of me and Brad Linder posing at the Digital Experience event. Good times.


In case you hadn’t heard, Starbucks announced they’ll be offering free, unlimited WiFi beginning July 1. Unlike the AT&T-powered wireless service they launched two years ago, this won’t require a login and occasional purchase. And, of course by being “unlimited,” connectivity is no longer restricted to two hours. Most interesting is the “Starbucks Digital Network” which will provide SBUX visitors access to premium web content, like the Wall Street Journal.

I assume Starbucks’ goal is to increase store traffic and thus revenue, something their shareholders will certainly appreciate. However, as a regular I’m a concerned with what could happen to the Starbucks atmosphere. The obvious comparison is Panera, an establishment I no longer patronize on a regular basis. Their overrun environment is more akin to a computer lab or Kinkos than a bakery-cafe these days. (See iMac man, above.) Continue Reading…

CES 2010, Day 0 Summary

Dave Zatz —  January 6, 2010


Vegas, Baby, Vegas! After sharing a flight with Walt Mossberg, I’m on the ground for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mari will be joining me in about 24 hours. We’ve made the command decision to stay fewer nights this year for a variety of reasons. Certainly the trip is not inexpensive, in terms of both time and money (and those 50,000 United miles I just parted with). Also, the vast number of pre-show announcements has devalued the convention center discovery experience. Lastly, several vendors we’ve visited on the show floor in previous years are not present this year or have downsized and relocated to various hotel suites. However, we love this stuff and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. (That’s the view from my room, above.) We know full well we can’t compete with the Engadgets and Gizmodos. And don’t aspire to. But we’re hopeful of supplementing their coverage with some hidden gems. Plus, like most trade events, CES provides outstanding opportunities to learn and network.

The CES news is already flying fast and furious. Netbooks are still a hot topic. But the most interesting looking portable that I’ve seen in some time is not the Google/HTC Nexus One, but Lenovo’s inspired IdeaPad u1 Hybrid transforming tablet/laptop. Both Mari and I are making arrangements to try and track it down. In the home entertainment and digital media space, of course there are and will be new televisions. (Some with Skype?! And others in 3D.) Beyond that, we’ve learned D-Link’s Boxee box will launch under $200. Something they probably had to hit to compete with the $130 Popbox and high-end Roku. We saw the box hardware last month, but new today is the Boxee QWERTY remote! We need, and will see, more of these text-entry devices in 2010. Including ones from Vizio and TiVo. Bigger picture, the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) initiative is gaining steam and partners. But I’m not sure we’ll learn enough this week to pass judgment any time soon.

And, without further ado, here’s our pre-show coverage:

Pre-CES Data Backup with Clickfree
Ceton to Unveil CableCARD Quad-Tuner ($399)
Syabas to Launch $130 Popbox
SiliconDust to Announce CableCARD HDHomeRun

Of Lenovo Launches and Leaks
5 Things Missing from CES 2010

In addition to periodically checking in on us here, both Mari (@msilbey) and I (@davezatz) intend to actively post mobile thoughts and pics on Twitter. Plus, Brent’s going to keep the CES coverage going on GeekTonic while reporting from home. If there’s anything you’d like us to seek out, hit the comments below.