Hulu Plus for Android Coming Soon

Online TV and video site Hulu offers desktop and mobile apps for watching videos without a web browser. But right now the company’s mobile apps are only available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The folks at Engadget noticed a change to the list of supported devices this week though. There’s now a listing for “Select … Read more

Every HP PC To Ship With webOS

Right now webOS is primarily an operating system for mobile devices including smartphones and the upcoming HP Touchpad tablet. But we already know that HP has bigger plans for the operating system. Eventually it will power all sorts of devices including internet-connected printers, and HP also plans to make it possible to run webOS apps on a … Read more

Find Your Missing Android Phone with Plan B

Nobody ever thinks they’re going to lose their phone… until they do. And that means that many “find my phone” apps are next to useless, because if you don’t install them on your phone and keep them running all the time, how are you supposed to find your phone when it’s stolen or goes missing? … Read more

DRM: Publishers Crippling Library eBooks

I’m not generally a fan of DRM, because so-called digital rights management software basically limits what users can do with the software, books, music, and movies they download. If you pay for an eBook or a movie you should really be able to access it on any device you choose, write in the margins, or … Read more

SlingPlayer for Android Gets High Quality Mode

Sling Media has released an updated version of its SlingPlayer Mobile app for Android. The new version adds an option for higher quality video and also fixes problems affecting Motorola Atrix users and connectivity issues that had affected some T-Mobile users. SlingPlayer Mobile is an app that lets you stream live or recorded TV from your … Read more

Slingbox iPhone, iPad Apps Enable Video Out

Sling Media has launched updated versions of its SlingPlayer Mobile  apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The new apps add support for video out, which means you can transmit video from your mobile device to a TV over a component cable — assuming you have the correct adapters. You’ll still need a Slingbox … Read more

iOS Adult Swim App Offers Episodes, Clips, Games

Comedy Central’s Adult Swim offers a number of iPhone apps, including the popular Robot Unicorn Attack game. Now Adult Swim has launched a free app which lets you stream clips and full episodes of selected Adult Swim TV shows. You can also purchase a number of Adult Swim games from within the app, for about a … Read more

Motorola Atrix 4G Rooted… Prior To Release

The Motorola Atrix 4G isn’t expected to go be available for another few days. But in advance of launch day hackers have managed to get a hold of the full system dump (containing the operating system and all the files and programs that will come with the phone). Once that was done, users were able to … Read more