Comment of the Day: Death to tru2way?

I’ve always held a somewhat skeptical view of the industry’s bold OCAP and tru2way proclamations. Which is why I find Glenn’s recent comment notable: Given how poorly this worked, I’d be starting to tone the death knell for OCAP/tru2way at this point. The cable industry missed the self-imposed July 1 deadline, and by quite a … Read more

July 1st Tru2way Deadline

Ready to plug in that tru2way TV set you’ve got sitting in your living room? Yeah, probably not. Today is the day that many of the large cable operators agreed to be ready to support tru2way-enabled CE devices. In a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed last year with major CE companies, the cablecos agreed to … Read more

New DirecTV TiVo Delayed until 2010 (plus tru2way)

Photo by Zandir After finding a few minutes to scan TiVo’s quarterly call transcript what stands out, other than hoarding $200+ million in cash, is what appears to be a slippage in the delivery of a new DirecTV TiVo DVR. 2009 has become 2010. CEO Tom Rogers, via Seeking Alpha: DIRECTV not likely to rollout … Read more

tru2way at The Cable Show

After a pretty big splash at CES 2008, there’s been relatively little movement on the tru2way retail front (other than a limited release of Panasonic’s tru2way-capable HDTVs in Comcast’s Chicago and Denver markets last fall). As a refresher, tru2way is the evolution of OCAP and designed to provide a common framework (middleware) for MSOs, their … Read more

EchoStar Licenses Tru2Way

Guess that DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem with integrated Slingbox functionality we unveiled at CES was just the beginning… EchoStar (split from DISH Network) has just licensed Tru2Way – the evolution of the CableCARD experience. solidified its commitment to providing innovative products and technologies to the cable industry with its recent signing of the tru2way™ Host … Read more

Panasonic Plans Tru2Way Sets

Looks like we’ll really see a resurgence of CableCARD televisions later this year. Unlike the first generation of one-way communication and single tuning sets, the new generation will employ OCAP tru2way. According to Home Theater Magazine: all Panasonic PDP and LCD sets incorporate ATSC tuners and some will soon incorporate OCAP two-way cable cards allowing … Read more