Logitech Keys-To-Go vs MS Universal Mobile – Fight!

In preparation for the new features of iOS9, specifically around keyboard shortcuts, I thought it was time to finally figure out a keyboard solution for my iPad. After some research, I narrowed it down to either the Logitech Keys-to-Go and the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard. Both keyboards are similar in terms of features and dedicated buttons for quickly accessing iPad functions. But in the end, I preferred one over the other.


If you value how the keyboard “feels” when typing, the Keys To Go (K2G) are more responsive compared to the Microsoft Universal Mobile and the soft material makes the keys nicer to the touch. The K2G is water resistant if you decide to spill that drink on it at the office desk or pot of pasta sauce at the kitchen. :-) Also, the K2G has a physical on/off switch which I prefer. You know that the keyboard is actually off. The MS Universal, you turn if off by putting on the top cover which is kinda cool, but there are times when you wonder whether it’s really turned off.

Now, in favor of the MS Universal keyboard, you have a nice cover which also is a stand for your iPad. The K2G is strictly the keyboad. The Microsoft Univeral cover allows for two angles and will really only work with a “naked” iPad. There is a chance that a slim case like an Incipio Feather case may work at the second angle, but I’m not sure. It’s pretty tight to get that lower angle.

The top case of the MS Universal is also magnetic so it locks with the keyboard to give you a psuedo laptop feel. When clipped, the keyboard is also slightly propped up off the table. The magnet is strong too. You can see in one of the pictures me lifting the cover and iPad attached. The K2G is completely separated so you’ll need a dedicated stand for it, which I eventually ended up doing.

In the end, I decided on keeping the Keys to Go paired with the Logitech AnyAngle case for the iPad Air 2. With this setup, I can basically put the iPad into whatever angle I want and put the keyboard anywhere. There is also the benefit of having my iPad protected instead of having to have it bare naked to use in the Microsoft Universal top case. This setup seems like the better way to go.


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  1. I’m messing with four tablets at the moment and like the idea of an agnostic keyboard. Logitech sent me the K480 to check out. And while there’s a lot I like about it, it’s more suitable to a stationary workspace… vs the two above, which are more portable. Best Buy has the Keys-to-go for $20 off this week and I have a $5 coupon – maybe I’ll pick one up.

  2. Guess I should have mentioned that…whereas the MS Universal has a switch to go from iOS/Android/Windows, the Keys to Go was specific to iPad. Logitech does make a version of the Keys to Go for Android/Windows, but they are two separate products compared to the MS Universal.

  3. I assume that even without dedicated OS-specific keyboard shortcuts, I can mostly do what I need. My current stash is one iOS, two Android, and one Windows 10.

  4. I checked Keys-To-Go out real quick on the way home from work… but didn’t pull the trigger. I like the size, it’s super portable. Don’t care about it being splash proof other than there are fewer nooks and crannies for dust and debris to collect. But on that note, wouldn’t the MS cover handle that function? I found it mushy but comfortable and think it would be fine for occasional usage. I tested the phone stand from the other packaging. It’s as worthless as you’d expect. ;)

  5. The best keyboard is the Type+ from Logitech. The combo keyboard and cover is fantastic making the combination feel and act like a really thin touchscreen laptop. I use Office 365 on my iPad and it gets my 90+% of the way there until I need to use real excel. Often I then just remote into my laptop and do it on my iPad.

    Logitech also really stands behind their stuff. I had actually purchased the Folio but the plastic tab that attached the iPad kept breaking – and they sent me 6 new ones over the course of a year. When the Type + came out the sent me that and it has been great.

  6. Paul,

    I’ve tried the Type+ and liked the extra key space, but still prefer the feel of the Keys to Go. Also, like the freedom of the detached keyboard in case I need to put the iPad in some weird position or place.

  7. My thinking has changed and my gadgets flip too frequently (plus iPad form factors keep changing). So I, too, prefer the flexibility of a separate keyboard these days. (I’ve previously had a few Logitech keyboard covers that I was satisfied with and very briefly had this Anker, which I wasn’t. I like Adam’s, er my, Microsoft Universal cover – will keep things in good shape when I throw it in a satchel or bag.

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