How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 (untethered)

The folks at the iPhone Dev Team have released updated versions of the redsn0w tool  PwnageTool that lets you jailbreak nearly any device that runs iOS 4.3.1 — the latest version of Apple’s iOS operating system. The iPad 2 isn’t currently supported, and the developers haven’t yet released the tools to carrier unlock an iPhone running iOS 4.3.1, so if you plan to use your AT&T iPhone on another network, you should probably hold off on upgrading and jailbreaking.

But for anyone else with an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3rd or 4th generation, original iPad, or second generation Apple TV, you can now use the latest tools for untethered jailbreaking. In layman’s terms, that means you can open up your iOS device to run code that’s not officially supported by Apple and install third party apps that aren’t available in the App Store — including apps that change the core functionality of the device. Read the rest of this entry »

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  1. I’m not sure (yet) what Brad’s intent was, but your point is a good one and I’ve slightly tweaked the post until we hear from him. But most folks who rely on unlocked phones probably know the drill by now and don’t update until the way is clear.

  2. Yeah, MyWi is the killer jailbreak app these days. However, looks like AT&T is analyzing the nature of their network traffic and sending some folks notices stating they need to pay for tethering. Improved iOS alerts is another – but I assume Apple will make some progress on that with iOS 5 sometime later this year.

    Good catch on the mirroring – wondering if it’s the same app that existed prior to the iPad 2, or if this is a new one taking advantage of some hook provided by Apple. Also, wonder about performance.

  3. Well, I can’t vouch for the latest jailbreak but I’ve done it many times in the past on multiple iPhones and was fulltime jailbroken for a long while prior to the App Store. And I’ve never had problems reverting back by restoring via iTunes. However, I have introduced instability to a jailbroken device – but that was the price for freedom. There’s fewer compelling reasons to do it these days, given OS maturity and app ecosystem, unless you need a carrier unlocked phone. But some folks just like the ability to tinker, customize, etc. Perhaps Jon, a regular, will visit us here in the comments – I’m sure he has some suggested apps.

  4. Given AT&T is now monitoring for unauthorized tethering, the main reasons I can see for jailbreaking would be:

    – wifi sync, meaning sync my phone to my computer over wifi when I’m on my home network, the PC is on, and the iPhone is in a power dock in the middle of the night, e.g. to backup my photos, load new music, backup apps and contacts, etc. Would be podcasts too but I’m using Podcaster now so I don’t care about that anymore.

    – an AirDrop capability, allowing me to drop photos to another iOS device without connecting them via cables. videos too.

    Not sure what else honestly. Sure a better notification system would be nice, and some of the shut notifications up at night stuff, but not sure those are big enough reasons to bother with this.

    One reason not to right now is I still think the power drain on my iPhone is worse than before I switched to iOS 4.3, and while 4.3.1 is clearly better, it hasn’t solved all the issues, so I wouldn’t be shocked if there was another interim build…

  5. @doug, i’m following this as we speak and will report back my experience tomorrow, if, of course, all goes well. i’m a mac user btw and there are windows instructions, too, on this site.

    @dave. looking at my data usage, according to att, i use less than 5gb a month of data, which calculates to be an average of 2.5 a month. i’d say, if my usage exceeds 5gb then there’s something wrong with me. i’m actually surprised i consume that much data a month anyway, and i believe it’s a direct result of my streaming audio that i do from mog. i watch my netflix on wifi and my slingbox, special occasions really over 3g and mostly over wifi. you’re right, another reason for jb is for the ios alerts, which i agree will probably be resolved in ios 5. also, custom management of important utility apps like brightness, bluetooth, wifi, 3g, i was shown from friends is so much better in the jb community. for example, instead of going 4 to 7 clicks deep within the “settings” app. i’ll be able to control these options and more within one swipe/click. about the mirroring hack, i read that some people believe it is, that’s the first i heard of it and really have no intention of hacking my ipad, just my iphone so, i could send my internet to my ipad. i just thought it was interesting that if ipad 1 mirroring is truly needed, life will find a way! :)

  6. Seeing reports on our internal distribution list that some people are losing voice capability as a result of doing this, e.g. ending up with an iPod touch…

  7. @glenn. that was the problem. the instructions i linked previously did not say to uncheck “activate iphone” which i think everyone is following as a result. so sad… anyway, once i started over, and unchecked “activate iphone” under “general” during step 5, i’m able to use my iphone for “voice capability” now.

  8. I’m having so much fun with my jailbroken iphone, i’ve installed the following modications and apps.

    – infidock: i can have any amount of apps or folders now in the dock. Also, I have 5 folders on my dock at one time instead of the default 4.

    – infifolders: every app of mine is in a folder, but when you have 4 folders of games, it’s frustrating to have an entire screen dedicated to folders for my games. now, i can have unlimited apps in a folder. I have 30 apps in a single folder right now for example.

    – intelliscreen: its a lock screen dashboard for emails, weather, calendar, news, txt messages, missed calls, etc. i no longer have to unlock my screen, open a handful of apps to check my email, read txt messages, or see what calls i missed. i can do this all from a single screen without even unlocking my phone.

    – My3G: any service that was restricted to wifi can now be used over 3G with this app. For example: facetime over 3g is possible and it runs just as awesome as it does over wifi, no longer limited to 20mb download cap for downloading podcasts over 3g, for example, and watching HD content is possible over 3G, there’s other benefits as well.

    – MyWi: Wifi, USB or bluetooth tethering/hotspot at no additional cost. i’m unlimited data and i’ll be watching my data usage to see how much more data I may consume, but previously i would eat 2.5gb a month and the purpose of this app is so i can send 3G to my wifi only ipad when i’m on the road via bluetooth.

    – QuickReply: able to reply to a txt message without leaving an app. for example: while watching slingbox, if I can a txt message, i can reply to the msg without leaving my television show. that’s pretty cool concept considering, it takes about 20 to 30 seconds to connect and rebuffer the app over 3G after i’ve relaunched the app after replying to a txt message previously.

    – Recent Call Log Delete: have you ever wanted to delete a recent call? it’s an odd one, but now you can.

    – sbsettings: this is a dashboard that appears by swiping the bar at the top of all your apps that shows your 3g/wifi, time and battery. this app holds all your common toggles like brightness, bluetooth, wifi/3g, etc. you can download tiny apps that can appear in there too such as a calculator, notes, playing/pausing music, etc. so, instead of opening the settings app and turning a common toggle on, for example: wifi, you can horizontally swipe your screen to have the menu appear to quickly enable/disable a common toggle. you can even activate this menu from the lock screen!

    – multitouch gestures: i enabled the ipad multitouch gestures like 5 finger pinch to close an app, four finger swipe up to reveal the multitasking dock bar, etc.

    – activator: i can create macros by configuring a button to perform an action like open a particular app. example: by pressing both volume up and down will launch my camera app. i can even do this from the lock screen. so, if something should happen that i want to record, i pull out my iphone and press volume up and down at the same time and my camera app will immediately open for me to press record/capture.

    that’s all i have now, but i’m learning as i go a long and its only day 3.

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