DoubleTwist for Android Now Streams to Xbox, PS3

Brad Linder —  February 15, 2011

The folks at doubleTwist have rolled out an update to their Android music player and desktop synchronization software that now lets users stream audio, video, and pictures from their phones to video game consoles.

Here’s how it works. You install the $4.99 doubleTwist AirSync application on your device and your phone will show up as a shared media drive on your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. This lets you stream any media on your phone to your game console — which provides a quick and easy way to play your music or view photos or videos from your phone on your TV or stereo system.

The AirSync app, which was originally released in November also lets you synchronize media between your phone and a PC or Mac without a USB cable. But you’ll need the latest version to use your phone with a gaming console. If you’ve already purchased AirSync, you should be able to download the update for free.

This post republished from Mobiputing.