Control iTunes from Windows Phone 7

Sure, Microsoft’s Zune Desktop service is the company’s answer to Apple’s iTunes, and it’s what you use to synchronize a Windows Phone 7 device with a PC. But what if you’re an iTunes die-hard who just happens to prefer WP7 on your phone? Well, nobody’s stopping you from using Zune Desktop (or Windows Phone Connector if you’re on a Mac) and iTunes to manage your phone’s data and your computer’s music collection, respectively. And in fact, there’s a third party app that lets you go one step further and control your iTunes music library from a Windows Phone 7 device.

It’s called, cleverly enough, Remote and it’s available for $1.99 from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The app lets you use your phone as a remote control, browsing or searching your library, playing or pausing songs or playlists, and adjusting the volume. You’ll need to install a desktop client to use the app, and it only works over a WiFI network.

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  1. Nice! I wasn’t aware of this. I just got it because it was recommend, even though I really didn’t need it. But it really is an excellent tool and works like a charm.

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