Justin.tv Adds Live iPhone Video Broadcasting

Justin.tv has launched a new version of its iPhone app with support for broadcasting live video from an iPhone. Up until now you could only use the company’s iOS app to watch live streams broadcast by other Justin.tv users.

The company launched an Android app for broadcasting live video a few weeks ago, and the iPhone version works pretty much the same way. Just click the red record button to start streaming video from your camera to your Justin.tv channel. The app works over 3G or WiFi, and supports both the front and rear-facing cameras on the iPhone 4.

There are also tools to share a link to your video stream over facebook and Twitter and you can chat with viewers in real-time using the app (although I suspect that tapping on the screen with your fingers is going to make your video look horribly shaky).

You can also still use Justin.tv 2.0 for the iPhone to watch live streams from other users.

The new app doesn’t yet support the 4th generation iPod touch, even though it has cameras on the front and back, but Justin.tv says it will be supported in the next release.

Justin.tv 2.0 for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store.

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  1. (of course you have to have batter power and the ability to connect to AT&T, so if you are at that concert and there are more than 20 people there…fat chance.)

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