DoubleTwist brings Android Market to Desktop

The Android Market provides a great way to find, purchase, and download apps on an Android phone. What it doesn’t provide is a good way to find them from the web. While Apple offers a desktop version of the iTunes App Store that you can use to download iPhone apps and sync them to your portable device, Android users pretty much have to do everything on their phones — or rely on a third party web-based app store like Cyrket or AndrodLib.

Now there’s a new player in the third party Android Market space: doubleTwist. The company already offers a solution for syncing media to an Android phone (or pretty much any other portable media device). Now doubleTwist has launched an updated version of its Mac client that includes the ability to search the Android Market for apps and read reviews. The feature will also be available soon in the Windows version of doubleTwist, and you can check out the doubleTwist Android Market app on the web as well.

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