New Comcast HQ – An IMAX Theater in the Lobby

I took my first trip over to the new Comcast HQ yesterday for a meeting and was duly impressed. Smack in the middle of Philadelphia, the site is nothing like Verizon’s HQ, a sprawling campus in Basking Ridge. Instead, the building goes straight up; a little cafe with water fountains sprinkling the landscape outside. Indoors there are wildly impressive views on the upper floors, all reached by banks of elevators providing express routes to different levels in the tower. (My ears popped on the way up.)

Most impressive, however, was the IMAX theater environment in the lobby reception area. A massive wall of wood panels transforms into a screen for moonscapes, falling water, home-run hits, staged vignettes, and more. Add in the stereo sound and it’s quite a showstopper. Highly appropriate for a cable company making its living off premium television services. Can I have it installed in my home, please? Just don’t tell me the monthly fee.

7 thoughts on “New Comcast HQ – An IMAX Theater in the Lobby”

  1. So wait… you just changed jobs, haven’t said to where, and you’re having meetings at Comcast HQ. Are you secretly working for TiVo?

  2. I’ve mentioned it in the comments, on Twitter, and even briefly in a post. Just haven’t done a big, ole formal write-up yet. :) Dash Navigation! (Which has plenty of TiVo DNA, and TiVoShanan actually played matchmaker.)

    By the way, this is Mari’s story. I think the odds of me being invited to Comcast HQ and the odds of me accepting are pretty low…

  3. I’m not saying that every company needs to be as monsterously stingy as Steve & Barry’s, but when you’re the largest company there is in what’s essentially a non-competitive market (sorry, telcos don’t quite count yet), it feels kind of like pre-revolutionary France. Like the CEO of Comcast might as well be sticking his head out the window of the tower and shouting, “Let them have switched video.”

    @Dave – on a somewhat related note, part 2 of my Dash review is up on me blog, if you’re curious. Seeing as how they’re your new paycheck and all.

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