YouTube Tests Video Identification Technology

YouTube will soon test a new video identification technology with two of the world’s largest media companies, Time Warner Inc. and Walt Disney Co. This technology, rolled into Claim Your Content, will help copyright holders identify movies that have been uploaded without their permission.

Testing of the identification technology, developed by engineers at Google, will begin in about a month. Once videos are flagged as improperly uploaded, Disney or Time Warner will be able to decide whether to remove the offending clip or keep it online and generate money through advertising.

This new technology has the potential to not only automate the takedown process of videos on YouTube, but also to block the uploading of copyrighted material all together. If the technology is successful, YouTube plans on offering it to all copyright holders.

Another outcome of this technology might involve the sharing of advertising revenues by splitting advertising dollars with copyright holders of identified videos.

Chris Tew is an entrepreneur and internet journalist that has a passion following the Internet TV industry. You can catch more of his thoughts and musings over on Web TV Wire.