DEMO ’07 – V in Vogue


One year, every company I worked for seemed to start with a letter at the end of the alphabet… and it appears that “V” companies are in vogue again. Two in particular have piqued my interest from their DEMO debuts.

Vuvox offers a platform for creating and sharing media. That alone isn’t interesting, but the fact that Robert Scoble is rendered speechless by the service is. The best explanation of Vuvox I’ve seen so far is that it’s a heavily enhanced, Scrapblog-type application. If you check out the site, it clearlyvuvox.jpg gives you ways to add professional touches to your own media. However, there’s also some kind of social networking aspect. Look at this photo from a ZNF friend on the ground at DEMO. If you click on it to see the larger version, you’ll notice there’s some kind of user profile and links to groups, blogs and MySpace pages. Can’t wait to hear more.

Vringo is a lot simpler. So simple, it’s hard to believe it hasn’t been done yet. Vringo = video ringtones. Yeah, I can see using that. Here’s CTO David Goldfarb talking with Gerry McCorry of Cross Atlantic Capital Partners. Supposedly they’re talking about the challenges of device proliferation, but I’m pretty sure they’re discussing the best place to grab lunch.


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