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TiVo Sackpack Giveaway

Dave Zatz —  January 31, 2007

I’m still doing a little house cleaning and reorganization… I came across a TiVo sackpack that I picked up at DigitalLife in October – it needs a good home. Leave a comment today, and I’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow. Over the next few months, I promise to give out much cooler prizes… such as reviewed gear.

PVRWire Shutting Down

Dave Zatz —  January 30, 2007

AOL has decided to shutter PVRWire and several other blogs in the Weblogs, Inc network on 1/31. According to Jason Calacanis, former head of Weblogs, it sounds like their blogs need a million monthly page views to “scale” as a viable business model. Not only is there plenty of room for long-tail content, but I believe it’s necessary to serve specific communities and act as feeders for the larger, all-inclusive tech blogs. However, these long-tail niche blogs will have a hard time being justified and surviving in a large corporate environment.

The truth of many blogs is that a huge percentage of visitors arrive via from search engines. Divester, PVRWire, etc have amassed a great deal of content which will continue to make AOL a little money and drive traffic to their other sites (SEO) even after they’ve been “shut down” — yet they will have no ongoing monetary outlay for talent/writing and, more importantly no management overhead.

I’ll miss reading PVRWire and the opportunities I’ve had to collaborate and contribute. Since Chris, Brad, Matt, and JJ joined Martin last summer and early fall they have done an amazing job expanding coverage and quadrupling (or more) monthly page views. I hope they end up hired by other blogs, or start new sites if their passion and free time permit.

USB Memory Stick Giveaway

Dave Zatz —  January 26, 2007

I’m doing a little house cleaning today and discovered a collection of USB memory sticks in need of a good home. Memory cards and sticks are often given out to press preloaded with vendor info. We’ve got two 256MB sticks courtesy of ShowStoppers, and 64MB each from Nortel and TiVo. Just leave a comment indicating you want one. The first four comments win and the sticks will be distributed randomly among those four people. Use a valid email address in the comment form so I can get in touch… as you probably don’t want to post your shipping info.

Stephen (aka TiVoStephen, aka Director of TiVoCast Operations) and I were deeply moved by the Kim family ordeal and the tragic death of James while trying to find help for his wife and children. I thought it would be worthwhile to leverage ZNF to raise money for the James Kim Memorial Fund, and I approached Stephen for assistance. Without hesitation he agreed to reserve a TiVo Toaster for this task and helped brainstorm the mechanics of raising funds.


So, if you were waiting for an excuse to make sure the Kim girls have a paid ticket to college, here’s your incentive: For every $10 you send via PayPal ( through 1/31/07, you will get one entry in a raffle for the unique TiVo Toaster. Each entry will receive a number and the winning entry will be randomly selected. I will pick up the cost of the TiVo Toaster and all PayPal fees. At the conclusion of the raffle, I will send a check to CNET for the total amount donated plus ZNF’s Google Adsense income for the month of December. Stephen will have the TiVo Toaster shipped to the lucky recipient.


Dave Speaks

Dave Zatz —  January 10, 2007

Yes, I’m still here in Vegas and have a decent amount of stuff to share! I was briefed on the Comcast-Motorola-TiVo box and Digeo’s upcoming boxes. Yahoo also has some interesting stuff in the works and of course there’s the Xbox 360 as IPTV ‘cable’ box news. It’s just a matter of finding some time to get it all together.

In the meantime you can listen to two podcasts I did. In fact, you’ll hear them before I will! Let me know if they’re any good, otherwise I’ll pass. ;)