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TiVo Voice Remote Nears Release; Requires Hydra

By way of the FCC, we gather the TiVo Vox Voice remote remains on track for a fall launch and that older Roamio hardware (running Hydra) will be supported via a USB Bluetooth dongle (vs Bolt’s native BLE capabilities). Details on voice interaction have also been prematurely provided, and behavior appears quite similar to Xfinity … which is a positive.

Voice Commands

To issue a voice command, press and hold the button, and speak naturally into the remote. Release the button when you have finished speaking.

Here are some things you can do with voice:

  • Search by title, actor, or keyword: “Find Modern Family” or “Show me some action movies.”
    HINT: Add on to your initial command to get more specific. For example, after the command,
    “Show me some action movies,” you could add “From the 80s…just the ones with Bruce
  • Watch a show: “Play the latest episode of Modern Family.”
  • Launch an app: “Launch Netflix.”
  • Change channels: ”Go to NBC.”
  • Go to a TiVo menu screen: “Take me home,” or “Show me the Guide.”
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Dave Zatz